Live Resin released 57 new sets, quality and level of details it is improved


LRE35151 Save-A-Gunner turret for all vehicles. Recommended to use with LRE35152 set, for mount on all vehicles

LRE35142 M3D/Dragon M-50 .50 Caliber Machine Gun, with 6000 round box and elastic feed chute, recommends for mount on SAG turret Live Resin set LRE35151


A lot or sets for upgrade HMMWV and M-ATV, feed chutes from flexible resin, Crossbow goggles from transparet resin, various set of H&K and M107 Barrett with visible manufacturer marks in 1/35

12 sets of helicopter weapons for upgrade plastic models CH47 Chinook, UH60 Black Hawk, Mi-8/MI-17

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