New updating - pictures of Live Resin LRE 35140 M3D/Dragon M-50 .50 Caliber Machine Gun on M3 tripod , 1/35 scale.
This is unique level, replica quality.
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Close pictures of Live Resin LRE 35153 set - Wrangler/Good Year 37" MT/R tire and wheels. Its best model of these wheels in the market, all details are visible, replica quality.
Prototyping by one micron exactness and cast by new generation technology. Compatible with HMMWV and GMV by all manufacturers. Set includes 5 complete whees, total 25 details.
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Live Resin is awarded by third Modellfan Model of Year medal 2014, in nomination - for best figure
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Live Resin released 57 new sets, quality and level of details it is improved


LRE35151 Save-A-Gunner turret for all vehicles. Recommended to use with LRE35152 set, for mount on all vehicles

LRE35142 M3D/Dragon M-50 .50 Caliber Machine Gun, with 6000 round box and elastic feed chute, recommends for mount on SAG turret Live Resin set LRE35151

A lot or sets for upgrade HMMWV and M-ATV, feed chutes from flexible resin, Crossbow goggles from transparet resin, various set of H&K and M107 Barrett with visible manufacturer marks in 1/35

12 sets of helicopter weapons for upgrade plastic models CH47 Chinook, UH60 Black Hawk, Mi-8/MI-17

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New release, 45 sets, ready!


Concept with new Live Resin model - military robot SECUTOR


New "In Action" pictures are added in sets LRE35003, LRE35013, LRE35015, LRE35017, LRE35003, LRE35018, LRE35025, LRE35030, LRE35003, LRE35032, LRE35033, LRE35034, LRE35035, LRE35035, LRE35055, LRE35085, LRE35087

As you can see new art - pictures of new Live Resin model HK with Redi-Mad adopted for big scales, till 1:3


Recently we released our first figures you can see detailed pictures
I present you first pictures prepared by modelers

As you can see detailed review first figure LRM35001 in Armorama
And more in my Armorama thread and Facebook


Now, you can download assembly instructions for sets LRE35069-LRE35079


New photos Live Resin set LRE35026 - US Army NVG PVS 14 Monocular with mounts
And you can see review of this set in Armorama


See new photo of Live Resin set LRE 35018 "M240B/M249 Military Systems Group Inc. SA 1 Swing Arm a double articulated gun mount support with H24-6 Machine Gun Mount, 1/35 scale"


Here are some Live-Resin accessories on a hand made figure.
The figure is just a rough casting, made in a day, its sole purpose is to show Live-Resin accessories 'in their natural habitat'.
The figure will not go into mass-production, but as you can see, the accessories look very cool fitted to his torso!


Photo of Live Resin set LRE35015 "M240B 7.62mm Medium Machine Gun on M122 Tripod"


Live-Resin have made some improvements to the moulding quality and can now make the slot for ammo-clips in the lower receiver hollow. This will be introduced to all Live-Resin automatic weapons.
Now ammo-clips fit very easily and positively.
Scopes now also have a slot for easy fitting to RIS (Rail Interface System).
You can even see the top cartridge in separate ammo-clips.
Pictures are from Live Resin LRE35038 1/35 Heckler & Koch HK416 set

The prestigious German paper and on-line magazine 'Modell Fan' has awarded Live-Resin a Gold Medal for 'Best Accessory 2012 in 1/35 Scale'

Gold Medal for 'Best Accessory 2012 in 1/35 Scale